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The Art of Selling Art and Creative Vision Journaling

Pamela Sue Johnson
6:30 - 9:30
Tue Eve Oct 10

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$ 95  

Ok, you’ve made a ton of art. You’ve gifted artworks to many of your friends and family who say, “You could sell this!”
Where do you start?
This workshop is for you if:
• You are an art maker who wants to sell their artworks
• You have sold a few pieces here and there and want to sell more
• You need ideas how and where to get started
• You are ready to release your artworks to the world
• You are curious about the art of selling art and if you are ready to sell

In this workshop we will cover the mindset of being an art maker to becoming an art seller. We will discuss a variety of considerations for selling art such as:
• Pricing
• Marketing
• Payment systems
• Where to sell
• Who to sell to
• Shipping and Packaging

Students will also be introduced to the practice of Vision Journaling, a creative type of journaling that helps sharpen clarity and desire. Vision Journaling is an effective tool for everyone, and especially helpful for the art seller who is just getting started.
Materials Fee $10 paid at beginning of class includes:

The Art of Selling Art checklist
Vision Journaling templates and prompts
Shared vision journaling supplies such as art crayons and pastels

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Your journal. Any kind of journal will do, or even a notebook
Your favorite pen to write with

Click here for a printable page

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