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Quilting to Color

Helene Knott
9:00 - 4:30
Sat Oct 14

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$ 185  

This class will introduce you to a new approach to quilting. The stitching is the main event and is carried out in black thread on patterned fabric much like a pen and ink drawing. You do not need to be a master quilter to do this, you will be tracing a design with your sewing machine. After the thread sketching has been completed, you will color the design images much like you might color in the lines of a coloring book, using colored pencils, crayons, or gel pens. Some basic experience with free motion stitching is recommended. There will be a variety of design subjects to choose from. Please note that some of the examples may show stitching and coloring on collaged and pieced backgrounds, in class you will practice this method on a single layered and quilted piece of fabric.

Kit Available for  $20 cash  paid at beginning of class includes:

two pieces of fabric (top and backing), batting, sewing thread, tracing paper, master pattern, and shared use of colored pencils, crayons and/or pens. Students purchasing kits will need to bring pencil and eraser, a sewing machine with free motion presser foot. (or arrange to borrow one at the venue), extra sewing machine needles, and thread snips or craft scissors


Supplies Needed  to bring for Class if you do not purchase a kit:

• Fabric: You will need a 9”x 12” piece of somewhat plain fabric. It should be a fairly light colored for the colors to show up well, and can have a fine textured subtle print. Take care that the print is not so graphic as to interfere with your sketching.
• Batting: Batting should be very thin and even – heavyweight flannel would work as well. This should be slightly larger than the top fabric.
• Backing fabric: this can be any good quality cotton and should be slightly larger than the top fabric.
• Thread: Black thread would be best but any dark color will work and can be used as a design element in your drawing.
• Golden Threads Quilting Paper: A 9” x 12” sheet.
• Pencil and a good eraser: The rectangular white plastic erasers are better than relying on the one on the pencil.
• Sewing Machine: with free-motion foot (this is absolutely necessary)
• Extra machine needles: Machine Quilting in sizes 70/90 (11/14). Sewing through the paper will dull needles fairly quickly so it’s good to have back-up needles.
• Thread snips or craft scissors
• Seam ripper
• Coloring mediums: Instructor will have a variety of coloring mediums for you to try, but you may bring your own if you wish. A box of assorted colored pencils, crayons, or Gel Pens. For the best results, buy good quality coloring supplies – oil-based colored pencils like Prismacolor®, Crayola® crayons, Sakura Gelly Roll® colored pens… Cheap $ Store coloring supplies don’t have the intensity and depth of color you need. A package of 24 colors will give you lots of colors to work with.

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