Portland, OR 2023 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jen Crossley
9:00 - 4:30
Sat Oct 14

Resinate Family Journal

$ 185  


This is a fun class where you will learn to create your very own and individual
heirloom journal.  Jen will show you how to make this unique antique looking book cover, made out of resin! We will be using a different binding technique using metal, and a keyhole plate for the spine.  Inside we will create your own family story, or maybe a found relative story, using and creating vintage looking frames, connecting found goodies to add your special touch.

Materials Fee $55 cash please paid at beginning of class includes:

• metal
• hinges
• nuts and bolts
• resin piece
• black tape
• needles
• frames
• linen thread
• wire
• brads
• keyplate
• Resin Plate

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• apron
• cutting mate
• craft knife
• scissors
• ruler
• awl
• bench block
• hammer
• 1.80 metal hole punch
• bastard mill file
• bench pin (if you have one)
• crop a dile (if you have one) https://www.michaels.com/crop-a-dile-hole-punch-and-eyelet-setter/10402342.html
• assorted paper pattern to cover frames
• assorted ephemera to personalise book
• paper sanding block
• inking sponge for paper Rubber stamps if you like
• distress inks vintage colour of your choice
• family photos assorted sizes eg 4 to 5 inches
• double sided tape heavy duty (stickier the better)
• mini flat head screw driver (if you have one)