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Transfer Image to Mixed Media Background

Stephanie Burton
9:00 - 4:30
Fri Oct 13

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$ 185  

In this workshop we will create a beautiful acrylic and inked background using stencils, stamps and distressed inks. Once we are finished with our background, we will bring in our focal point. Choose an image from my collection of magazines or bring your own image that you would like to use. Your image can be a person, animal, flower etc. Whatever suits your taste.
Prior to placing our drawing over our beautiful background, we just created, we will do a Drawing Warm-up Exercise which will help transform your drawing practice. Doing some simple line work before your start your drawing can make all the difference to your artwork. Your eyes and brain need some time to get going!

After our Drawing Warm-Up we will do a Quick Sketch (Gestural Drawing) for no more than 10 minutes. We are going for speed rather than accuracy. This is a drawing exercise, we are not looking for perfection, this is just another way of loosening up.
I LOVE making gestural drawings! Some of my best work comes from a quick gestural drawing.

We will place our image over carbon paper and trace our image onto our background. Or, if you are comfortable drawing freehand, please do! This is a great way to train your hand how to draw an image. After you trace your image, you can alter it with additional drawing and painting. With more and more practice using this technique...before you know it, you'll be drawing without tracing paper!

Every student will leave with a finish painting on a MDF Panel ready for hanging.

Students of every experience level are welcome!


Materials Fee $30 cash paid at beginning of class includes:

- A palette of 5 different acrylic paint bottles. You’ll be able to choose your color palette theme.
- Gel Medium
- Gesso
- Blending Stump for shading
- Paper for drawing exercises
- Palette knife
- Unfinished Birch Wood Board Canvas for Painting (9 x 12)
**Shared art supplies including: Dylusion & Distressed inks, stencils, rubber stamps, ink blending tools, stabilo pencil and magazines.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

- One small brush, one medium brush, and one large brush
- Basic art supplies: scissors, small water container, rags & apron.
- Small package of wipes.
- Optional: Image from a magazine (person, flower, animal etc.)
I will have magazines as well to choose from!!
- Palette paper or paper plate for acrylic Paint.
- Favorite pen for mark making

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