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Intro Into Hand-Building With Clay

Stephanie Burton
9:00 -1:00
Sun AM Oct 8

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$ 95  

In this Workshop we will be creating a petite creamer out of clay. This is a GREAT project for introducing folks to clay! Using a template that I created for this project, I will demonstrate how to assemble this lovely petite creamer & Sugar container. I have taught this project to 100’s of students and a frequent comment that I get is, “this was so much easier than I imagined.” It really is!
If you’ve been wanting to get your hands into clay and you are not sure where to start, this workshop is for you! If you are a seasoned clay person, this workshop is also for you! I will share a plethora of techniques and guide you every step of the way.

Underglaze transfers are all the rage in the ceramic community. I will show you how to add beautiful underglaze transfer designs to your petite creamer. It takes a little practice, however, once you have it down, you’ll be hooked!
At the end of class you will leave your pieces with me and I will be transporting them to my home studio in Vancouver, WA. I will bisque fire your wares, add a clear glaze and glaze fire them. The Clear Glaze will make the Underglaze Transfers Glossy and more vibrant. This will consist of 2 firings. Your pieces will be finished in 4 days and ready for pick-up at the Sheraton Hotel. If you are unable to pick up your piece at the hotel, we can make shipping arrangements!

Prior to the workshop I need to know if you will be picking up your piece or if you would like me to ship your Petite creamer & Sugar container. Shipping costs will be in addition to the Materials fee.

Students of every experience level are welcome!

Materials Fee $30 cash paid at beginning of class includes:

- Hand-building tool kit to take home (my favorite tools).
- Georgie’s G-Mix 6 Clay
- Dry Wall Board for work surface
- Bisque & Glaze fire of your pieces
- Transporting your pieces to and from the Sheraton
**Shared art supplies includes: Underglaze Transfers (multiple designs), shared tools, templates for creamer & sugar, containers for water.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

- a rag & apron or old T-shirt
- scissors
- ruler

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