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Watercolor Batik

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Carol Spohn
9:00 - 4:30
Wed Oct 11

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$ 185  

Batik is process of using watercolor and wax on Ginwashi rice paper. The transparency of the paper adds to the transparent watercolors adding an additional source of light. The process is time consuming but not difficult. All levels of painters will complete a successful painting. A line drawing is used so no drawing is required. Once you learn the batik process you will be able to adapt this process to your own designs. You will learn a trick which will make the batik process much less frustrating. Your choice of instructional packets for a variety of subjects will be available ranging from simple card fronts to a more sophisticated painting.

Materials Fee $25 cash paid at beginning of class includes:

• Ginwashi Rice Paper
• Mijello Mission Gold brand watercolors including Permanent Yellow Light, Indian Yellow, Permanent Magenta, Permanent Red, Cobalt Cerulean, Ultramarine Blue, Leaf Green, Olive Green, Permanent Violet
• Wax and supplies used in the batik process
• Freezer paper (necessary to paint on a white surface) and wax paper

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Your usual painting supplies which should include a water container, paper towels, a fine mist spray bottle for water.
• A permanent black pen like an Micron pen or Sakura Identi-Pen
• Brushes: You may use your regular watercolor brushes. I prefer white nylon, less expensive brushes.
• A box of pop-up tissues is necessary (like an inexpensive brand of Kleenex)
• Bring at least 40 sheets of newspapers to use in ironing out the wax. Do not bring the shiny ads.

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