Portland, OR 2023 FALL Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Lisa Bebi
9:00 - 4:30
Fri Oct 13

Mashed-up Characters

$ 185  


In Mashed-up Characters we create several small, fun art pieces of decided personalities using collage and paint and a spot of humor. We start with a vintage image then add found collage parts and pieces. A large selection of images and bits will be found in your provided dossier. You will notice as you start to piece them together, they begin to tell you who they are. That's when their personalities, their preferences and humor develop in a rather miraculous way.
These characters are salable and 100% lovable.
OK for all levels.

Kit fee of $65 includes:

Everything you need to complete several characters: Including your personal dossier of materials: images, collage materials, boards and use of: paint, mediums, gels, varnishes, brushes, palette knives, chalk paint, scissors, use of stencils and gels, markers, palette knife and burnishing tool

Optional: brushes, scissors, water bucket, paper towels or use mine