Portland, OR 2024 Fall Registration is NOW OPEN

Ancient Faces - Experimental Painting

Jesse Reno
9:00 - 4:30
Thur Aug 15

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$ 185  

This class is open to all levels including those who have never painted before. this is a great class for anyone who has struggled with or would simply like to explore new and expressed ways of creating faces. using fun simple techniqes we will carve imagery into - ez carve printing blocks, and experiment with mono printing. allowing us to print the imagery in a variety of ways. its more about the way we print the image then the complexity of the carving. in most cases the simpiler the better. Once we have experimented with carving and printing we will be ready to work the pieces into expressed artifacts. reshaping, and reworking the imagery in ways that give it an aged and weathered look. we will use text and symbols to add meaning and question within the work.

Using block printing as a base for creation will allow experimentation without the fear of mistakes. We will be able to repeat the imagery with ease by simply reprinting from our carvings. this repeated imagery will encourage us to experiment with new techniques like subtraction methods and compare the various printing and redefining methods against one another. the techniques are quick simple and imediate keeping things fun and moving forward.

These techniques and concepts work perfectly in connection with any of my other painting methods. So if youve taken a class with me previously these techniques will act as new tools which you can incorporate with any other concepts you have learned.

If you would like to learn more about my teaching style and my background you can check out the videos below

In this  video I explain my ideas and motivation while painting. if you ever wanted to take a class with me this video will give you a good idea of how I teach and think about painting.


This 6 minute video shows me painting a 8x12 ft mural from start to finish in time lapse with text explaining my ideas while creating the piece


to see over 3000 examples of my work and to find out more check out my site - www.jessereno.com

Kit fee of $20 paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:

large sheets of 100lb bristol paper
non toxic acrylic paint
ez cut printing blocks
carving tools

Supplies Needed to Bring to Classs

a mix of brushes - nothing fancy you can bring what you have on hand or cheap brushes will do fine i generally dont spend more than 3$ on a brush
you should b ring at least
1 - flat brush 1/2in-1in
1 fan brush
1 ship brush 1-2in

oil pastels craypas work great and are super cheap
small pack of 8

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