Portland, OR 2024 August Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Stephanie Burton
9:00 - 4:30
Sat Aug 17

Improve Your Drawing Skills TODAY

$ 185  


1. We will start our day with some Drawing Warm-up Exercises.

2. After our Drawing Warm-Up we will Trace a flower. We will be tracing an image ONLY as a learning tool to improve our freehand drawing.
Why Tracing works: When you are physically tracing a drawing, you’re teaching yourself the same eye and hand coordinator as if your were drawing from life teaching yourself to trace images mentally!
3. After we are finished with our Tracing Exercise, we will move on to a
Five Minute Sketch (Gestural Drawing). We are going for speed rather than accuracy. This is a drawing exercise, we are not looking for perfection, this is just another way of loosening up! I LOVE making gestural drawings! Some of my best work comes from quick gestural drawings! You will be surprised how this will improve your drawings skills…practice, practice, practice!

4. Longer Drawing Exercise

5. Next, we are going switch gears and create our background for our drawings!
I will walk you through creating a beautiful acrylic background and demonstrate using stamps for a nice, layered look. Once we are finished with our background, we will bring in our focal point. Choose one of your images (flower, bird or a face.) We will place our image over carbon paper and trace our image onto our background. Or, if you are comfortable drawing freehand, please do! After you trace your image, you can alter it with additional drawing and painting.

SUBJECTS: (Flower, Bird & a Face)
1. Drawing Warm-up Exercise
2. Trace our image
3. Five-minute sketch (gestural drawing)
4. Longer Sketch
5. Transfer Sketch to Mixed Media background

By the end of class you will see a DIFFERENCE in your drawing practice!

Every student will leave with a finished painting on a
Birch Board Canvas ready for hanging.

Students of every experience level are welcome!

 Materials Fee $25 paid at beginning of class includes:

- MDF Panel
- Gel Medium
- Gesso
- Blending Stump for shading
- Paper (Tracing & Regular) for drawing exercises
- Palette knife
**Shared art supplies including:
Acrylic Paint, stencils, rubber stamps & blending tools

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

- Scissors, small water container, rags & apron.
- Small package of wipes.
- Optional: Image from a magazine (person, flower, animal etc.)
I will have images to choose from!!
- Palette paper or paper plate for acrylic Paint