Portland, OR 2024 August Registration is NOW OPEN

Crazy Babies

Thomas Ashman
9:00 - 4:30
Sun/Mon Aug 11-12

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$ 365  

Take a page from the life of the mad genius, Dr. Frankenstein, and create an amazingly altered doll in the wildest and weirdest mixed media assemblage workshop you've ever taken.
You will begin with an old, unwanted doll, rescued from thrift store oblivion, and proceed to sculpt, paint, dress, pose, enhance, re-create and otherwise alter it into a fantastically unique piece of assemblage art as cool, creepy, or crazy as you want to make it!
In this 2-day workshop, you will receive in-depth instruction in the uses of so many different materials and techniques for assemblage and mixed-media sculpture, your head will swim. This includes, but is not limited to, epoxy clay sculpting, creating textures with paint, a few unique painting techniques, wire-work, cold connection, 3D art composition, and a big bag of tricks for "hiding the seams" in mixed media. While we work, we'll discuss the themes and content of our art how we can combine wildly different materials and elements work together to tell a story.

Materials Fee $30 paid at beginning of class includes:

* 2 part epoxy clay
* paints
* adhesives
* hardware
* lots of other random stuff too!

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

I will bring most of the specialty items and tools that you might need, but to successfully complete your project, I need you to bring the following tools and supplies to class:

* one unwanted doll - no restrictions on this piece, whatever appeals to you, thrift stores are the best source
* any additional costume items, fabrics, jewelry bits or other accoutrements (we will alter these too!)
* any found objects/adornments/accessories that you want to include
* any extra doll parts you want to add on (heads, hands, eyes, etc.)
* a small assortment of paintbrushes in different sizes (at least one needs to be fine tipped)
* a sea sponge or two
* a few old rags/paper towels
* scissors/shears
* utility knife

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