Portland, OR 2020 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Jane Davies
9:00 - 4:30

Big Fat Art

$ 150  


Big Fat Art is a state of mind rather than a specific kind of art. It is all about loosening up and getting past the thinking/evaluating zone and into the creative spontaneous one, where you can be freely expressive.

We start Big Fat Art on big fat cheap paper (18”x24”), with process-oriented exercises using inexpensive paints and drawing materials. This generates loads of works-in-process, which we then use as playgrounds for layering paint, drawing, and collage, and expanding the visual vocabulary.

This workshop gives you the tools to get un-stuck by focusing on process, working in multiples, and having more fun. You can apply this playful approach to your art, whether big fat, teeny tiny, or in between.

Supplies to Bring:

 • Acrylic Matte Medium: one small bottle. I recommend Utrecht. Other brands may be great for mixing with paint, but Utrecht is the best I’ve found for use as a collage adhesive.
• Acrylic glazing medium: one small bottle
• Acrylic paint: inexpensive student-grade or craft paints, including black and white
• Drawing Materials: markers, graphite, pencils, Pitt Pens, any other kinds of              pens,  pastels, charcoal, anything you want to use - bring a variety.
 • Brushes, including big ones (1” wide or more)
• Palette knife, any other painting tools you ordinarily use
• Brayer - 2”, plus a larger one if you have it
• Spray bottle for water
• Small spray bottle of rubbing alcohol
• Stash of collage papers (optional)
• Rubber stamps, stencils (optional)
• Disposable Palette (12”x18”)
• Container for water
• Big Fat Roll of Paper Towels

$5 materials fee includes:

• Big Fat Art paper (18”x24” drawing paper)
• Big Fat White paint (but bring your own too)
• Smaller drawing paper for lifting paint
• Drawing materials to share
• Stamps, stencils, tools to share