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Balancing Opposites - the Yin and Yang of Composition

Jane Davies
9:00 - 4:30

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$ 150  

Composition means the arrangements of elements and their relationships to one another within the framework of your painting or collage (or any art form). You can have all the drawing or painting skill in the world, great subject matter and a fantastic sense of color, but a piece lacking in compositional integrity falls short of its full potential. Yet the concept of composition is elusive. There are so many factors all working together at once - color, line, shape, contrast, focal area, movement, etc. How do you keep track of them all? Approaching composition from the standpoint of Balancing Opposites can be an enlightening way to tackle the subject. In teaching, I find myself repeatedly saying things like: “all of your colors are saturated. How about balancing that out with some neutrals?” or “your values seem to be all mid-range. How about including very dark and/or very light values?” or “your piece is very busy; how about some quiet space?”

In this one-day intensive we will explore the elements and principles of composition in terms of pairs of opposites: bright/dull; large/small; textured/smooth; busy/quiet, and so forth. You will come away with the tools to create dynamic compositions, and a deeper understanding of how to balance the Yin and Yang of composition!

We will be working in acrylic paint, collage, and drawing materials.

Supply List

• Acrylic paints: bring some artist grade acrylics as well as craft paints
• Brushes
• Acrylic matte medium
• Acrylic glazing medium (optional – for diluting your paints and keeping them wet longer)
• Collage papers (your own painted papers as well as others)
• Brush for matte medium
• Scissors
• Disposable palette (pad of paper style)
• Drawing materials, such as pens, markers, pencils, crayons, etc. (optional)
• Stamps and stencils (optional)

$5 Fee includes:

Printmaking paper for substrate
Some collage papers
Various drawing tools



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