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Layers & Textures

Jane Davies
6:30 - 9:30
Wednesday Eve

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$ 85  

We all love that complex, mysterious look of layering and depth, but how do you achieve it? The trick is building up those layers gradually, and obscuring previous layers selectively. Sometimes your finished piece betrays nothing of its original layer.

Why put that first layer down if you are only going to cover over it? The answer is that the first layer is a starting point from which you build subsequent layers, and ultimately end up with a finished piece of art. All the layers are necessary to the process, even if you can’t see some of them. In this workshop I will show you many of the techniques I use to create layers and textures that result in rich atmosphere and depth. You will learn how to use your paints and mediums effectively, and you will gain the freedom and spontaneity of a layered approach.

Supply List

• Acrylic paints: Golden Fluid acrylics (I will specify colors), and titanium white, any brand
Quinacradone Nicken Azo Gold, and several other transparent colors (suggestions: green-gold, Indian Yellow Hue, Manganese Blue Hue, Permanent Violet, Pthalo Blue or Green, Quniacradone Magenta) • Acrylic Matte Medium (one small container)
• Acrylic gloss medium (one small container)
• Acrylic glazing medium (one small container)
• Brushes - I prefer 1/2” flat brushes, but use what you are comfortable with
• Expired credit card or gift card for scraping paint
• Spray bottle (Windex style, not mister)*
• Roll of soft paper towels (Viva or Bounty)*
• Disposable Palette (pad of paper style)
• Small palette knife
• Brayer, 2” soft rubber
• Collage papers - your own hand-painted or found/purchased, just a few
• A few pens and drawing tools (optional)

Supply fee $3 includes:

Paper for the substrate
Cheap Drawing Paper for lifting paint
Tools to share




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