Portland, OR 2020 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Thomas Ashman
9:00 - 4:30
Friday March 20

Dollies de los Muertos

$ 170  


Día de los Muertos (Day of the dead) is a holiday celebrated throughout Mexico and by people of Mexican ancestry living in other places. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. The unique food, activities, and art that surrounds the celebration is simply astonishing! Drawing inspiration from the rich and colorful traditions of the holiday, students will transform a thrift store “rescue” porcelain doll into a beautiful tribute to those who have gone before us. Students will learn how to deconstruct a porcelain doll down to its base form, easy and quick ways to dye different types of fabrics for spectacular effects, how to paint the face with traditional (or not) design elements, how to accessorize like a professional designer, and how to walk that fine line between glamorous gothic gorgeous and horrible Halloween hokey. And of course we’ll build a rugged stand to display your decomposing debutante… Hey, just because you’re dead, doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous, right?

$30 Materials fee paid to instructor at beginning of class includes:
 wood base/copper tube/hardware for stand, all the black and white paint you can use, a fancy new marabou wig for your dolly, dress dyes and darkeners, glue, tape, wire, terrifying trims & freaky fabrics, and lots of other creepy and cool stuff and nonsense to accessorize your dolly. 

Students must come to class with the following: one porcelain doll with the clothes still on it, some good scissors, a few different sizes of very fine tipped paintbrushes, any favorite beads, old jewelry, dark fabrics & ribbons, and any other spooky stuff you may have lying around. www.blacksheepartist.com