Portland, OR 2020 Art and Soul Workshops

Workshop Details

Carol Spohn
9:00 - 4:30
Saturday March 21

Those Whacky Birds

$ 165  


These wacky birds make me smile. They are fun to sketch and then painted loosely with watercolor. The birds can be added to your journal or made into cards or framed as art. Students will be encouraged to draw these simple shapes but will also be provided with line drawings for each of the birds. These wacky birds each start with a basic shape but always turn out differently. Your creativity will guarantee an original piece of art! Stamps are used for the funny sayings. Students will be provided with materials to make a dozen cards. Students of all levels of experience will enjoy this class. 

Students to bring to class:
• Your usual painting supplies which should include at least 2 water containers, paper towels, a fine mist spray bottle for water.
• Brushes: You may use your regular watercolor brushes. I use Scharff , #310 White Nylon round brushes sizes #8 and #4, (I will have Scharff brushes for purchase if you choose.
• Scissors
• A box of pop up tissues is helpful (like an inexpensive brand of Kleenex)
• Hair dryer is helpful, but not necessary
• Pencil
• Black Stabilo pencil, white ink gel pen, black and white acrylic paint markers.

   $20 Material Fee paid at beginning of class includes:

• Written instructions and color photos
• Watercolor paper and cardstock to make a dozen 4” x 6” cards.
• Mijello Mission Gold paints used in this painting
• Black ink pen
• Foam plate/pallet for watercolor paint
• Double stick tape and use of my tape guns
• Moo eraser and other misc. supplies.