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Old World Book

Lisa Renner
9:00 - 4:30 & 6:30 - 9:30
Saturday & Saturday Eve March 21

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$ 255  

This is a 1 ½ day workshop in which you will make a gorgeous artist book that is reminiscent of an aged, cracked artifact you might find in the archives from another time.
Beginning with a recycled book you will transform it into something else altogether! You will replace the existing pages with blank signatures of white paper separated by beautiful watercolor paper folios. A rainbow of colorful dyes, oil pastel crayons, and acrylic paints will be available to use with stencils and rubber stamps to make your painterly folios.
The book covers implement a texture technique that results in a surface that really embodies “old world” style. I will demo this in class so you will know how to do it. Because of the drying time needed for this texture process these elements have been partially prepared for you and are included in your kit. In class you will apply paints, encaustic wax, and oil pastel crayons all splashed with a little metallic sheen to complete a rich, tactile surface for your book covers.
Embellishments for the cover include a choice of either a vintage, rusty metal door plate (all are different!), or a polymer clay “winged” face which you will be able to gild with luscious wax pastes. Each enhances the “Old World Book” theme in its own way! (Please contact me by email at time of sign up to reserve your chosen embellishment! lisarenner@tx.rr.com).
A soft leather spine you will sew onto the covers in rustic fashion binds this treasure together. The rest of its contents are up to you…
This workshop is quick-paced, allowing hands-on opportunity to explore the techniques shown, and also timed such that you should take home a completed book that will be a one of a kind work of your art. It is perfect to use for sketching or journaling and its size (8 ½ x 5 ½”) makes it ideal for travel. No book-binding experience is required.

Materials Fee $35 paid at beginning of class includes:

Handout with instructions, All book components (recycled book, prepared texture, watercolor paper for folios, signature pages, sewing template, decorative paper for inside spine, end papers, tape and leather for spine, needle and thread, choice of cover embellishments, selected beads for spine) and use of all class materials provided by instructor: wax, encaustic tools, paints, oil pastel crayons, metallic powders, rubber stamps, stencils, spray dyes, black acrylic paint for edging the book, Dremel, binder clips, and anything else not listed for students to bring.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

• Acrylic paint for covers: For the sample I used earth tones: Burnt umber, Burnt Sienna and Ochre. You can bring similar colors, or a different selection of colors of your choice, for example a variety of blues and/or greens; or reds and purples, etc.
• Needle tool or awl,
• exacto knife with new sharp blade (for removing the book’s pages),
• scissors,
• pencil,
• chain nose jewelry pliers,
• medium-sized bottle of thick white glue such as Weldbond, or Aleen’s Tacky Glue,
• glue brush,
• some newspaper to work on and to place the wet pages on while drying,
• small container for water,
• lap towel,
• apron
Optional: gloves, favorite beads to thread on the spine, colorful fibers to tie to the spine

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