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Polymer Alchemy: Creating a Faux-Enamel Disc Pendant

Lisa Renner
9:00 - 4:30
Friday March 20

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$ 170  

Alchemy according to Webster’s dictionary: “A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way; An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting”.

In this 1 day workshop you will experiment like an Alchemist with powders, pigments and polymer as you explore the possibilities of my Faux Enamel technique. You will construct a beautiful pendant-style necklace comprised of colorful, organically shaped and layered polymer discs that closely resemble enamel- but without all the fuss!
The creativity begins as you make your own custom palate to be used as the basis for the process, combining shimmery and/or matte pigments in your desired colorway. In doing so, the sky is the limit as to color choices. I will also have on hand other coloring agents for maximum options!
We will work with a torch to make ball-tipped head pins to capture crystals and beads which will adorn the discs, adding contrast and just enough glitz to catch anyone’s eye! Copper or brass wire will be shaped and hammered to form the neck-wire which suspends the discs. (I will have samples to try on so you can determine the length you prefer). If time permits you may be able to make two separate disc assemblies in different colorways to interchange on the neck-wire. With a chameleon-like quality this luminous and artful disc necklace will surprise you with its ability to blend with almost any color of clothing, and will quickly become your “go-to” jewelry item!
Join me as we work some wizardry to create a luscious piece of wearable art! Skills learned can be applied to other jewelry-making and mixed media projects.

Materials Fee $30 paid at beginning of class includes:

Hand out, wire for necklace construction and neck-wire, glass beads and use of powders, pigments, other coloring agents, hammer, bench block, Dremel, Metal files, steel wool, Butane torch and anything else not required for students to bring.

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

POLYMER CLAY: 2-3 (2 oz. each) packs Black Premo polymer clay (Note, black is recommended for maximum contrast but Gold or other colors can be used as well if preferred). Condition your clay before class to save time!! Roll it on the thickest setting on the machine and bring it separated by plastic wrap.
Pasta machine, tile work surface, acrylic rod roller for clay
Circle cutters in various sizes to include: (1/2”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2” and 2 ½”)- Teacher will have one set to share.
Jewelry pliers: chain nose and round nose
Wire cutters
Optional: Favorite crystals or beads to add to the discs (the hole needs to accommodate 16 gauge wire)- teacher provides some beads but bring your favorites.
Hammer, steel bench block (4” size is fine)- (Teacher will have a couple to share but less waiting time if you have your own).
Ear plugs to muffle the sound of hammering if you have sensitive ears

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