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VA223 - Connections in Cloth

Lorie McCown
9:00 - 4:30
Thursday, Friday & Saturday

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$ 450  

Making art is all about making connections. We will explore mark making and composition in fiber and fabric, and make a personal statement in fiber. The students will use traditional and nontraditional fibers, and mark making to express their personal vision in the art making process. This is not a gadget class; it is a personal expression class. Radical self-expression is welcomed! Formal elements to making good art will be covered, as well as your own personal vocabulary of stitches and marks. We will endeavor to communicate the students’ ideas, stories and personal experiences through stitches and personal mark making. We will use machine, and hand stitching, embroidery, painting/marking directly on cloth, and other methods for conveying our artistic voices. Create exciting and interesting pieces of art from clothing, recycled textiles and various fibers. Let’s explore all the uses for different media, fabrics and ephemera. Let’s tell a story with cloth. Learn techniques and styles of putting together a good composition, stitching it together, either by machine or hand. We will cover fabric ideas, incorporating mixed media, various stitching and embroidery techniques, with an emphasis on hand stitching. We will have a lot of time to explore fabric manipulation, and stitching-of course! Feel free to bring any interesting fabrics or textiles you would like to incorporate into your work. Think out of the box. Handkerchiefs, t-shirts, whatever.. just remember, we will be cutting,marking and stitching on them.

-Scissors, larger for cutting fabrics and fibers, smaller, embroidery scissors for smaller work-good and sharp- I’ve steered away from rotary cutting, but if that’s your thing, bring it and a cutting mat..
-Fabric for foundations 2-3 pieces. Start to think how large or small you want to work. I use a base foundation to layer on, so the color of base fabric matters little. We will try and work on 2-3 pieces at a time to get a good start on a series. A good size to start with is 20x20” or 30x30” But you may work bigger or smaller as you wish.
-An assortment of fabrics* For applique and layering.
*ANY fabric can be used, I recommend some that mean something to you. And that you don’t mind altering, cutting or otherwise using. Try and think out of the box for this, as we are making art, let your mind wander. An assort ment of textiles are good, different fabrics and variety. We will be hand stitching, so take that into consideration. Think of transparency, loose woven, non-traditional or recycled fiber is welcome.
-Needles- I do hand sewing a lot and love DMC embroidery needles, a selection of sizes 5-10. Easier to thread too.
-Threads- We all have our preferences here. I like Gutterman poly, personally. Bring 5-7 different colors. I like to use stitch marks as a linear element when machine stitching or hand stitching.
-Embroidery floss- Bring it all! (kidding) I love floss of all sorts and use it profusely in my work. At least 5-7 different colors.
Picture references
Sketch/note book
Drawing pencil
Straight pins
Sewing Machine *optional* This is up to you..
Mark makers-pastels, ink pens, sharpies etc..

I will have small multi-fiber packs for purchase, with various trims/fibers and threads for $20.

Many of the required supplies may be pre-ordered from Artistic Artifacts.  They will be ready and waiting for you to pick up when you arrive at the retreat.  For further info and to place your order,  please visit:

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