What are Trades?

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Trading at the A& S retreats is a small part of the whole weekend experience.Trades are usually theme related to the retreat but they don't have to be. Your name, email and date and location on each piece is a nice thing as it helps others remember who and when the trade came from. Trades can be any thing, made from any medium and any size. Some are little works of art while others are supplies that can be re-used in another art project.

The amount of trades is up to you. From 20 to 100 if you are really motivated and have time. It's always nice to give a trade to someone who has none to share back. It's possible they are new to the event or are too shy to get in the swing of things. Trades are traded anywhere but not during class. Hallways, elevators, at meals, managers receptions, waiting in line and even in the ladies room. Ask any and all you meet if they have any trades. A few tips for you to make it a bit easier to handle all the trading.

Carry two bags. One for your trades to give away and another for the trades you get back. When making your trades keep in mind weight and packing suitability of them. Bring the bags with you every time you leave your room.





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What are Trades?

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