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Mixed Media Weaving on a Simple Frame Loom

Vicki Assegued
9:00 - 4:30
Wed April 17

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$ 185  

Learn many techniques to create exciting and unique weavings, made on a simple frame loom. You’ll use yarn, string, fabric, jewelry parts and all sorts of fun embellishments to create a textured and lively piece. You’ll also learn to make tassels, pompoms, and fringes to add on to the body and edges of your weaving. No weaving or art experience is necessary to take this workshop, or to make fabulous pieces of art. Perfect for beginning through advanced artists.

Materials Fee $45 paid at beginning of class includes:

Instructor will provide looms, as well as some fabrics, yarn, string, embellishments

Supplies Needed  to bring for Class:

Yarns and strings (wool, cotton, acrylic, synthetic, etc.) in any colors and textures you like.
 Strong string or yarn (that can’t be broken by pulling on it) for creating the warp on the loom
 Fabric to cut into strips (can use second-hand clothing, placemats, fabric scraps, etc.)
Fabric scissors
 Embroidery needle (plastic or metal, 3 inches long, with eye large enough to fit yarns),
 Sturdy stick, dowel or driftwood piece to hang your weaving from. Be sure it is several inches wider than the loom. (If you'll be using a loom I bring for you, it is roughly 10" wide).
 Sewing needle and thread
Optional: lace, ribbon, shells, jewelry parts, sticks, driftwood, beads


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